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Tenute Sella1

Dating from the late 1600s, when Comino Sella first purchased a vineyard in Lessona, the Sella family’s winemaking legacy runs as deep as their bond with the land. Across three centuries and numerous generations, this unique area has become world renowned for the production of some of Piedmont’s finest wines.

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In the heart of southern Tuscany, far from industrialised city areas, Montalcino remains mostly unaffected and wild, It’s a unique and unparalleled region, and home to the Altesino winery.

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Fattoria Le Pupille1

The original rustic farmhouse of Tuscany's Fattoria Le Pupille estate, sits amidst 12 hectares of rolling green vineyards. The recognisable silhouette of the same farmhouse also graces their wine labels. From a small family wine estate, Le Pupille has become a modern centre for entrepreneurial viticultural in the region.

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With a rich history dating from the beginning of the 20th century, the stunning vista of Montalbera Winery sits uniquely across two of Piedmont's most notable winemaking regions: the Monferrato and the Langhe.

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