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Tenute Sella1

Dating from the late 1600s, when Comino Sella first purchased a vineyard in Lessona, the Sella family’s winemaking legacy runs as deep as their bond with the land. Across three centuries and numerous generations, this unique area has become world renowned for the production of some of Piedmont’s finest wines.

Situated in the Northern part of the Piedmont region, Lessona features rolling hills and ridges, protected to the north by the foothills of the Alps. Below this majestic terroir, the soil also holds unique properties mostly composed of marine sand deposits, whose high pH levels put this area among the world’s most acidic winemaking soils.

With its rich history, Tenute Sella’s dedication to traditional winemaking styles and techniques allow the personality of each wine to develop naturally. The Nebbiolo grape with it’s inimitable finesse and elegance account for the majority of the Tenute Sella’s vines, alongside other varieties native to the Biella territoty: the Vespolina, Croatina and Erbaluce.

The Sella Family expanded the estate by investing in the still wild Villa del Bosco area, and planted it with vineyards. The estate continued to grow with the purchase of the Bramaterra land from the town of Villa del Bosco.

Today, Tenute Sella 1671 are recognised globally for their commitment to quality and tradition and take their place amongst the historic winemaking families of Piedmont.

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