Amaro Selezione di Berta Distillerie Berta Il 28 di Via San Nicolao

  • Alcohol: 30%
  • Volume: 700ml

.The Bitter Herbs of DiPaolo selection refers to the original recipe of Berta Amaro. Created in the traditional style of Piemontese liquors, the mixing of hydrated alcohol, sugar, spirits and infusions of choices herbs and aromatic roots and herbs results in a superb amaro. The organoleptic characteristics are enhanced by slow aging in barrels used for ageing Grappa. The perfume is complex, ample, enveloping, with great personality.
A splendid concert of sensations in which gentian, rhubarb, calamus and cinchona stand out. The taste is rich, enveloping, the sensations perceived by the perfume are confirmed.