Merlot delle Venezie IGT Principesco

  • Vintage: 2015
  • Classification: IGT
  • Grape Variety: 100% Merlot
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Volume: 750ml

A wine of intense ruby red colour with wonderful aromas of herbs and fruits matched with soft velvety flavours of currant and black cherries.

Arbos 280x90

Chianti DOCG Arbos

  • Vintage: 2014
  • Classification: DOCG
  • Grape Variety: Sangiovese, Merlot
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Volume: 750ml

Arbos is an higher quality of Sangiovese “in purezza” produced on hilly vineyards sloping down to the sea and partially aged in barriques for a certain period. It is selected by the Castellani family, following strict quality standards concerning the colour, the alcohol content, the bouquet. A final tasting by Castellani experts authorizes the wine to be named under the name “Arbos”, symbol of excellence worldwide.


Rosso di Toscana IGT
Villa Puccini

  • Vintage: 2013
  • Classification: IGT
  • Grape Variety: 90% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Volume: 750ml

Villa Puccini has been created to embody the traditions and innovative spirit of Tuscany. Only select clones of Sangiovese Grosso, harvested from the Montalcino area in the Siena hills, are used in this Super Tuscan.  In traditional Tuscan fashion, Villa Puccini is a dry wine that embodies the best characteristics of Chianti Classico and St. Emilion (the area of Bordeaux known for its superlative Merlot based wines). And, like all red wines of character, Villa Puccini will continue to mature in the bottle for a number of years.


Vin Santo IGT
Solo Arte

  • Classification: IGT
  • Grape Variety: 100% Trebbiano Toscano
  • Alcohol: 16%
  • Volume: 500ml

This almond sweet wine is the most distinctive dessert wine of Italy. Plump and sweet, with hints of honey, cinnamon and candied orange. Great with delicately flavoured cakes, or a perfect aperitif when served with a slice of orange.