Abruzzo Producers

Tenute Barone di Valforte

The Sorricchio family has owned the baronial fief of Valforte since the 13th Century. The entire vineyard lies within the “Colline Teramane” DOCG area (first vintage to be allowed the new DOCG was in 2003). The Tenute Barone di Valforte vineyards cover 42 hectares...

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Villa Medoro

Villa Medoro is  owned by the Della Loggia-Morricone Family. In 1966, Federica  Morricone’s grandfather, Mr. Luigi Della Loggia, bought property in Medoro, a small village located near Atri in Abruzzo. The estate now encompasses over 250 hectares, 107 of which are currently planted with vines....

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Enrico Toro Distilleria Casuaria

The Enrico Toro Distillery is normally associated with high quality liqueurs also produce a wine based product called Ratafia, typical of Abruzzo combining the strength of Montepulciano DOP wine with the sour scent of black cherries.

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