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The vision of the founder continues to live through the passion of his children and grandchildren.

When Antonio Argiolas decided to bet on wines of his land, he owned only three-hectares farm at Serdania, a village at 20 kilometers from Cagliari. A father’s bequest, this farm was the place where he planted his first vineyard. His idea grew and matured, along with his love for his wife Bonaria and his family, that he made with her. His passion for the land, legacy of the peasant world in which he had grown up but whose boundaries he felt were narrow (delimited by the hedges of prickly pears that cluttered the view of the horizon) has always guided his choices and vision. He has thus resisted vine eradication campaigns and – remaining anchored to his island – has often crossed sea, first reaching the Peninsula, then new continents. The main aim was not only the conquest further markets, but also collecting many successful experiences. In 1979 Antonio Argiolas, an established local entrepreneur, went to Argentina and California. These travels were a source of inspiration for him, and represented the beginning of a revolution; in fact these showed him the needs to overcome the parcelling out the countryside, which was widespread on the island, and to employ technologically advanced machines to work larger expanses of land under single ownership. So, he acquired the lands of Selegas-Sa Tanca and Susini, the Winery’s largest estates. These are the places that Argiolas wine speak of, emblems of the strength, courage and farsightedness of the idea.

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Antonio Argiolas used the term idea to define the dream of a winery capable of telling the world about itself, drawing strength from tradition. The legacy of that ambition, guarded by his sons Franco and Giuseppe, is today enhanced by his grandchildren Valentina, Francesca and Antonio who, as parents of a new generation, do not stop betting on the value of the land and its production, investing in training and comparison.
From their grand old man, a monument to an extraordinary entrepreneurial history, they have picked up the stubbornness and sense of challenge to the world, the simple and authentic joy of harvesting and crushing, the passion that springs from the bubbling musts and the effervescent young wines, the personality that defines the tenacious and mature wines, as soft as the limestone in which their roots are sunk, perfumed and savoury like the sea, long-lived like Sardinians. 

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Sardinia boasts an extraordinary number of native grape varieties. Preserving this biodiversity strengthens the distinctive features of the territories and leads to unexplored taste discoveries. Through our research we have traced 11 grape varieties on the island and created the first regional biodiversity field, which includes 5,000 plants. From the grapes of the selected grafts, we have produced small trial batches of wine, to explore the characteristics of these productions and then expand them.The Winery has as central unit a Parteolla’s traditional home, historical-geographical region of Sardinia where Serdiana is located. Since the beginning this Winery bet on innovations, strongly linked its genesis to the Island and showing the identity. By protecting local grape varieties and investing in sustainability, the company experiments with cutting-edge cultivation techniques, using the advice of international experts and speaks the language of the future. The Winery is become a benchmark for promotion of culture, wine, food and hospitality. The meeting with the artistic and intellectual world, which owes its creative force to Sardinia is also an engine of constant growth, fertile ground for projects and new ideas, a crossroads of narratives that cross the sea.