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Planeta have always combined their passion for Sicily with a desire to warmly welcome those who wish to discover it.  Because of this their wineries in Menfi, Etna, Noto, Capo Milazzo and Vittoria have never merely been places to produce wine but have also been destinations devoted to the local culture.

For five centuries and through seventeen generations, the Frescobaldi family has been involved with the course of agricultural evolution in the complex land of Sicily, with an approach always inclined to openness and innovation. Where too often the agricultural world has been confined to ancient ideas of social tradition and production processes, instead we have inherited, from each generation, an instinct to change and to generate positive changes around us, both with people and in the culture.


un lotus120722 1600(Sicily’s Planeta Winery Hosts HBO's ‘The White Lotus’)


They travelled through Sicily establishing their estates in five different areas (Menfi, Etna, Noto, Capo Milazzo and Vittoria) from west to east, seeking otheir interpretation of them through research into indigenous varieties, including those by now forgotten, and into the suitability of the different terroirs to welcome international varieties as well. they planned to eventually build around each territory a comprehensive system of experience composed of hospitality, cooking, nature and culture. On these elements the history of our company has always been based. This instinct for the future, together with their curiosity to see the world and compare themselves with it, has guided their choices.


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