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Tenuta Ammiraglia

The Tenuta Ammiraglia estate is located in the heart of the Maremma. Designed by architects Piero Sartogo and Nathalie Grenon, it is perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape and nature.

tenuta dell ammiraglia

Tenuta Ammiraglia is representative of a contemporary and more Mediterranean Tuscany that faces the sea, seeking new horizons. Frescobaldi believes in the great potential of these lands, embraced by the sun and softened by the sea breeze, whose wines are distinguished by their freshness, their minerality and the richness of their fruit.

ammiraglia 1

The modern lines of Ammiraglia cellar, designed by architects Piero Sartogo and Nathalie Grenono, recall the bow of a ship pointing towards the sea, searching for new horizons to be discovered. Perfectly integrated between the hills and covered with greenery and arboreal plants, the estate combines the most recent technological innovations with respect for the surrounding land and nature.


ammiraglia 2

The Ammiraglia estate is a true temple of design in the presence of the surrounding nature, it seems that the rolling hills with green vineyards support it, projecting it, almost directing it towards the warm waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Privileged position, excellent exposure to the sun, tickled by sea breezes these are the constants that led the architect Sartogo to conceive, design and build it; a large sail, under which the processing of the grapes takes place and takes place, with tanks, the cellar and the barrel room. Above, the roof is a luxuriant garden that gives you that freshness and well-being that you would never expect.


ammiraglia osp 2


One of Tenuta Ammiraglia estates quality wines is Alie, Toscana IGT Italian Rosé, an elegant, light-coloured Rosé, with delicate ruby reflections, and a refined balance. Alìe, a figure from Greek mythology, one of the sea nymphs, symbol of sensuality and beauty. Alìe, an delicate rosé with a light, pure colour and subtle ruby hues. A fine balance between Syrah and Vermentino, which find their ultimate expression in close proximity to the sea. Aromas of white flowers, wild strawberries and citrus fruit rind blend into a delicate structure with mineral hints typical of the area, giving a long and rich finish. Charming as an aperitif or with meals and good company.