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 Wine is an art capable of making people dream


Inspired to create a harmony between taste and color, the Velenosi Winery was born in 1984. Ercole and Angela Velenosi, with Paolo Garbini since 2005, combining the artisan tradition with modern technologies, have reinterpreted the winemaking processes with creativity.

They have created a company that today brings the scents and shades of the Piceno territory to the whole world through wines with a unique character.

From wine we learned patience, waiting for the time necessary to obtain intense sips and an incomparable flavor. A continuous care and research that echo in the reflections of the glasses.

The Velenosi winery was founded in 1984 by the will of two very young entrepreneurs, Angela and Ercole Velenosi. Then with the experience of Dr. Paolo Garbini, Velenosi Srl was established in 2005.

Over 35 years of experience in the sector and strong passion have allowed us to create this reality where, through the use of cutting-edge equipment, exceptional wine is produced.

The heart of the company is located in the historic city of Ascoli Piceno, which is located in the Marche region and a distance of about 20 km from the Adriatic Sea and at a height of 150/200 meters above sea level.

The farms of the company extend among the hills that surround the splendid valley of the Tronto river, which thanks to its clayey and fertile soils, has always been suited to the cultivation of vines.

In addition to the four farms located in Ascoli Piceno, Castorano, Monsampolo and Castel di Lama, there is a vineyard in the area of ​​Ancarano (TE) and in the area of ​​San Marcello (AN), between the Castles of Jesi.

From the beginning, the winery has achieved great success with journalistic criticisms. Published in the most renowned national and international newspapers such as: Wine SpectatorRobert ParkerGambero RossoLuca MaroniA.I.S. and many others.

This is why it is present throughout the national territory with the collaboration of 85 agencies and abroad where it is present on 52 nations both in Europe and in the rest of the world. Production to date is around 2,500,000 bottles and expectations certainly do not stop there.

“Wine is an art capable of making you dream”

This is a statement we firmly believe in. Indeed, it is the very basis of our philosophy, deriving from tradition and ancient techniques, interpreted in a flexible and imaginative way to produce the most fragrant glass of wine.

We have learnt a lot from wine.

The very management of our company draws inspiration from its positive values: integrity, sincerity and a genuine passion for our work.

The time required for wine-making should last neither too long, nor too short: just natural, to achieve the best results according to a genuine family tradition, combined with the most advanced technology.

Quality, ongoing research to achieve the best result, the aspiration to the perfect
balance between taste and colour, bouquet and aftertaste.